Art Statement

Working in photography, video and installation, I have found my inspiration in a personal obsession for the object, the trace, and the space. The set of action art ephemeral in absurd situations is a description of my particular relation with the World. Playful and inventive, the ideas may stem from a desire to mold a particular material or object – from calculators or money notes to numbers – with which I explore my relation with the World. The body of work is about staging and documenting absurd transitory and ephemeral situations, the choreographed artwork as a document aims to dislocate our perception the intention is to appeal to open answers and questions from the audience it appeals to the spectators for the virtue of human action to be conscious active participants of our role traces in the constant evolution creation of the Universe.

The projects, rooted in ordinary objects, often revisit gadgets and games of childhood memories or those poetic moments of daydream. Articulated through personal experiences the ephemeral instants, mirror the DJ Figure. The mixing, playing, downloading, and uploading of experiences, ideas, and thoughts collides with my particular context to create, connect, and play.

The body of work pretends to open possibilities for dialog and communication in cartographies outside the image space. The context presents itself as a puzzle, in which my intention is to try to find not only an active and participative exit, but also a new negotiation option, in which the human condition could find a space to see how every day life; banal objects, every day spaces, absurd and mundane ideas, and daily activities perhaps lost in some place of our childhood, can become extraordinary, and can not only unfold important questions, but create new relations, in between the artist, the image, the audience and the context.

Perhaps if we want to redefine and think these relations, we need to find something that will remove us from our immediate life not only in a simple and ordinary approach, but also in a poetic way. Perhaps if “we let our life be our art”, if we create honest transactions in a value free way through our voice between the objects, the audience, and the artist, we will continue unfolding primary existential questions to project, trace, and operate our context.